dirty ideas for everyday gardens at australian garden show sydney

Posted on September 11, 2014 By PLBMaster

This year Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT presented a feature garden called ‘Dirty Ideas for Everyday Gardens’, the driving idea behind this garden was to provide inspiration for gardeners. In whatever space you have, there are exciting and interesting ways to bring greenery, flowers, herbs and veggies into your life.

Some of the most talked about features included: the backyard bath planted with globe artichokes, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ and foxgloves; the doorstop boot, complete with pink Aquilegia; the Hardenbergia in an 1884 wheel barrow and; and a complete tea set planted with flowers and herbs.

Most talked about plants: Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ at the front door; border of red Linaria against the picket fence were a real showstopper; space saving espalier olive and citrus and; the large Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ hedge at the rear.

At only their second attempt, the organisers of this year’s Australian Garden Show Sydney (AGSS) demonstrated that they had not only listened, but also acted, on what was needed to produce a great event.

The net result was twice as many display gardens, outstanding feature gardens and impeccable designs. In addition the catering was well organised, there were lots of seats in the shade and many interesting talks and topics for everyone to get their teeth into.

But nobody told the weather gods and as rain fell steadily throughout the week-long build up and during most of the show. In spite of this several thousand people filed through the NGINA feature garden to see the many exciting and quirky displays on show and pick up a brochure.

This show proves Sydney can stage a professional garden show with the panache it needs. Sadly we will have to wait for another year (and no rain) to see it all again.

(Source: NGINA)