Plants are not only beneficial to our health, but are vital to the health of urban fauna who need them as both their habitat as well as for food.

Here are some simple ways that you can do your part:

Attract Birds to your garden

There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching native birds such as tiny, acrobatic spinebills or a small flock of parrots feasting on nectar, insects and seeds in your garden. Birds can be enticed into your garden by providing the right conditions and a safe environment. For an information sheet on how to do this Click Here


Attract butterflies to your garden

Butterflies and moths add an extra dimension to the garden, providing both movement and colour. With the investment of a little time and observation, we can become privy to one of natures most complex and interesting life cycles. To download fact sheet Click Here


Attract frogs to your garden

There are several ways to attract frogs to your garden. A pond with some water plants and grasses around the edge, will attract frogs to lay their eggs. Once the tadpoles have grown, your garden will have more frogs. To download fact sheet Click Here


Attract Native Bees to your garden

There are many benefits in promoting populations of native bees to move in to your garden. They are a vital part of plant pollination and an asset to any garden. To download a fact sheet Click Here