Having fun, getting active, being outdoors – gardening is perfect for kids.

A lifelong love of gardening is a great gift to give your kids. Through gardening, they’ll learn about the environment, develop new physical and social skills and make a real contribution to caring for the world they live in.

Kids get a real kick of making things grow. But more than that, growing things in a school setting adds the potential for kids to achieve real learning outcomes while creating their own gardens.

This is why NGIA has put together KidsGrow, a practical toolkit of resources to help schools get kids gardening. Specially created by teachers for teachers, the KidsGrow’s hands-on gardening projects are directly linked to the school curriculum and expose students to a range of thinking skills and learning styles. So with KidsGrow, students will be learning as they are designing, planting and nurturing their very own gardens.

There are great rewards for schools too. The KidsGrow themed gardens offer schools a means of creating outdoor learning environments, sustainably improving their school grounds and contributing to their School Environmental Management Plan.

And above all, learning with KidsGrow is fun.


Kidsgrow sustainable gardening principles

School gardens cultivate not only plants and animals, but also the academic, personal and interpersonal skills of the students who tend them.  The KidsGrow themed garden plants and ideas for teaching and learning encourage kids to engage in gardening that is:

• Purposeful
• Smart
• Connected
• Fun

Click here to find out more about the KidsGrow Sustainable gardening principes.


Kidsgrow themed gardens

KidsGrow themed gardens offer authentic contexts for deep learning. Not only are learning outcomes achieved in the traditional areas of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, but also in terms of activity, problem solving, progessive behaviour, creativity, enjoyment and inspiration.

Seasonal colour garden

Australian habitat haven

Munch and crunch garden

Waterwise sensory maze

Resources for schools

School gardens cultivate not only plants and animals but also the academic, personal and interpersonal skills of the students who tend them. The KidsGrow resources for schools encourage kids to learn while having fun in the garden.

The Important resources for schools include an overview of the learning outcomes for each of the four themed gardens, how they link to the Australian Sustainable Schools initative and practical tips for gardening at school.

The colourful A3 poster, KidsGrow garden links to learning, illustrates how KidsGrow gardening activities link to the school curriculum and encourage interdisciplinary learning.

Important resources for schools

Kidsgrow garden links to learning