If you enjoy regular pedicures and beard-trims, this will be right up your alley. Featuring neat, well-behaved plants, it’s for those who like things refined and elegant.

The plants in this look:

Bay Tree

Bay trees love hot, sunny spots and well drained soil.

Bird of paradise

As tough as nails and tolerates exposed conditions and serious neglect.

Cast iron plant

A true survivor! Tolerates dark, shady spots with minimal water.

Birds nest fern

This hardy fern grows on trees, rocks or on the ground.


The perfect feature plant for a tropical or formal garden design.

Cardboard palm

A great feature plant for a pot or large container.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A popular, yet somewhat tempramental indoor plant.

Sago Palm

A statement plant for a formal or tropical garden design.

Walking Iris

Perfect for a sheltered outdoor spot.

Kentia Palm

A popular age-old indoor plant, can also be grown outdoors.

Bull Bay magnolia

This evergreen magnolia is a great feature tree for small spaces.


Great for pots or hedging plant.

Indian Hawthorn

A low growing adaptable shrub that likes full sun to part shade.

Japanese Box

This slow growing plant makes the perfect hedge or topiary.


Loves lots of sun and can live for over 100 years. Great for pots.

Shore juniper

As tough as they come!

Star Jasmine

Very easy to grow and a great screening plant.

Wonga wonga vine

A vigorous native climber that can cover a trellis or wall in no time!


Grows well under trees in shady, dry positions. If indoors ensure high light levels.

ZZ Plant

An unkillable indoor plant, tolerates low light and extreme neglect.

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