Grow some green skills for growing minds

Hooray for plants

Plants aren’t just nice to look at – they actually make us feel good too. Just a few plants can filter our air of toxins, such as paint fumes and air pollution. And when we have lots of plants of all different shapes and sizes around us, our feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity grow – which is fantastic for growing minds.

Did you know that having plants around can actually help children learn? Children who are involved with plants from an early age also develop lifelong skills, from caring for nature, to sharing food and eating well, to teamwork and creativity.

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We think schools could do with more Plant Life Balance, so we've put together these two guides to help you green your school - inside and out.


Find out how you can transform your classroom into a jungle in just three easy steps.



A step-by-step guide to greening your playground – from planning to fundraising, to open sesame!


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